About Krav Maga

History of Krav Maga
Krav Maga was created by Imi Lichtenfeld who was a famous wrestler, boxer and gymnist in Eastern Europe in the 1920’s. During the 1930’s he put his skills to use by teaching the Jewish community how to protect itself against fascist thugs. He left Europe in the late 1930’s and ended up in Israel, which at that time was called Palatine. In 1948 when Israel became a nation they needed to raise an army fast, Imi was given the task of creating a hand to hand combat system which could be tought very quickly to a vast array of soldiers with different capabilities: from young to old, male and female, strong and weak. He developed a system which most anyone could use to defend themselves against violent attacks and could be learned in a short amount of time. Krav Maga was created for self defense and combat. Because Krav Maga has few techniques to address as many situations it is easy to remember.
What is Krav Maga
Krav Maga is a systematic approach to defense. It is a tactical and logical sound approach to dealing with violent confrontations.
Eight Principles of Krav Maga
1. Techniques should be movements based on natural instinct.
2. Techniques must address the immediate danger.
3. Techniques must defend and counter attack simultaneously.
4. One defense must work against a variety of attacks.
5. The system should be integrated so that movements learned in one area of the system  complement rather then contradict, movements in another area.
6. Techniques must be accessible to the average person, not just athletes.
7. Techniques must work from a position of disadvantage.
8. Training must include the stress experienced in real attacks.